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Fan Fiction by:
The Awareness

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The Roy Hunter Chronicles (Introduction, Timeline, Chapter One)
Posted on 7/7/2009

The adventures of ace Veritech pilot Roy Hunter begin! Now featuring a brand new timeline which plots out the Robotech universe in the context of The Roy Hunter Chronicles.
The Roy Hunter Chronicles (Chapters Two, Three, Four, Five)
Posted on 7/7/2009

The amazing adventure of Roy Hunter continues. In the all new chapter five, witness Roy's encounter with the maniacal Dr. Lazlo Zand!
The Roy Hunter Chronicles (Chapter Six)
Posted on 7/8/2009

Roy Hunter's journey continues! He must gather his allies, forge a plan, and avoid the clutches of Zand and Edwards. Their only hope - escape Tirol at all costs!
The Roy Hunter Chronicles (Chapter Seven)
Posted on 7/8/2009

Roy Hunter and his allies must first fight Zand's triumvirate of deadly assassins before securing Lang's ship for flight from Tirol. Their final obstacle: General Edwards himself!
The Roy Hunter Chronicles (Chapter Eight)
Posted on 7/8/2009

Roy Hunter must face the hardest dogfight of his life. He will go head to head with General Edwards!
The Roy Hunter Chronicles (Chapter Nine)
Posted on 7/8/2009

The Roy Hunter Chronicles (Chapter Ten)
Posted on 7/13/2009

The Roy Hunter Chronicles (Chapter Eleven)
Posted on 7/13/2009

Roy Hunter's perilous journey continues! With the arrival of Breetai and the Valivarre, things are finally looking up. That is until they are forced into a confrontation with Commodore Renquist and his Edwards loyalists.
The Roy Hunter Chronicles (Chapter Twelve)
Posted on 7/13/2009

The Regent will have his revenge! The Valivarre, the Jutland, as well as Roy and his allies have to face the wrath of the Black Death Destroyers.
The Roy Hunter Chronicles (Chapter Thirteen)
Posted on 7/14/2009

Roy Hunter finally comes home to the Ark Angel! In orbit above Peryton, he reunites with his family and the Sentinels. The only problem: Benson and his team of saboteurs!
The Roy Hunter Chronicles (Chapter Fourteen)
Posted on 7/14/2009

The Admirals hatch their plan of attack. Roy accepts a deadly mission. The life of everyone aboard the Ark Angel is at stake!
The Roy Hunter Chronicles (Chapter Fifteen)
Posted on 7/14/2009

The final chapter of the Roy Hunter Chronicles! Benson and his cronies must be defeated. Roy and his crew must embark on their most dangerous quest yet. The fate of humanity hangs in the balance!
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