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Comic Series published by DC Comics / Wildstorm
Robotech Defenders #1-2
Full color, Released: 1984

This two-part comic sits curiously outside the Robotech universe today. Its convoluted origin came about when the Robotech brand was originally divided between the TV series from Harmony Gold and the model kits from Revell. Comico and DC Comics acquired competing licenses respectively from HG and Revell. HG has since bought out Revell's interest in Robotech and the comic publishing rights now reside with DC.
Robotech #0-6 (aka. From the Stars)
Full color, Released: 2002-03

From the arrival of the SDF-1 to the top secret development of Project Valkyrie, young Roy Fokker embarks on an amazing adventure that probes the mysterious origins of Robotechnology!

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Robotech Sourcebook
Full color, Released: 2003

This comprehensive companion to the new Robotech comics from Wildstorm focuses on the characters and mecha of Macross Island in the years before the arrival of the Zentraedi.

Robotech: Love & War #1-6
Full color, Released: 2003

Follow the early adventures of Max and Miriya that adds a new dimension to the incredible events that lead to their legendary alliance! Each issue also includes the fantastic martial arts tale Little White Dragon, based on Lynn Minmei's first feature film.

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Robotech: Invasion #1-5
Full color, Released: 2004

The New Generation launches into action as Lance Belmont spearheads an expedition to reclaim the Earth from the fearsome forces of the Invid. Mars Base One features Lisa Hayes and her fiancˇ Karl Riber in a companion story about the mysterious power source behind Robotechnology!

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Robotech: Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles
Full color, Released: 2005-06

The legendary saga continues as the build-up to the highly-anticipated release of Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles begins! Finally after 20 years, the mysterious circumstances behind the disappearance of Admiral Rick Hunter will be revealed!

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Graphic Novels & Compilations published by DC Comics / Wildstorm
Robotech: From the Stars
ISBN: 1-4012-0144-X
Full color, Released: 2003

Before the arrival of the Zentraedi, experience the mysterious origin of Robotechnology revealed like you've never seen it before! This compact trade paperback collects Robotech #0-6 with excerpts from the Robotech Sourcebook along with previously unpublished designs, illustrations and commentary.
Robotech: The Macross Saga Vol.1-4
ISBN: 1-4012-0024-9, 1-4012-0025-7, 1-4012-0026-5, 1-4012-0027-3
Full color, Released: 2003-04

The classic comic adaptation of the Macross Saga collected in compact trade paperback format! Each volume contains 6 issues plus various extras including bonus material and commentary comparing the comics with the respective TV episodes.
Robotech: Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles
ISBN: 978-1-4012-2816-3
Full color, Released: 2010

The legendary saga continues in this prequel to Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles! Experience the events behind the mysterious disappearance of Admiral Rick Hunter! This trade paperback collects the complete comic book series along with new scenes and previously unpublished designs and background material.

Previous Comic Publishers (1984-98)
Comico: The Comic Company
Eternity / Malibu Comics
Blackthorne Publishing
Academy Comics
Antarctic Press

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