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Bibliography: FAQs
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Frequently Asked Bibliography Questions
Welcome to the Robotech Bibliography! This section is not meant to endorse nor criticize past publishers, but serve as an objective and comprehensive list of published Robotech material, especially as all the myriad comic titles had become more difficult to find over the course of the 90's. We hope you find this a valuable tool in tracking down and filling the gaps in your collection!

Q: When are you going to post gigantic resolution images of every page of every single Robotech book I ever wanted to download?
A:  Due to the substantial level of existing traffic on, we need to limit cover art to thumbnail size to maintain overall performance of the site. This should be sufficient for collectors to be able to more easily identify back issues at their favorite comic shops and book stores.

Q: I heard rumors that everything published up until now had been axed from the Robotech universe! What part of continuity is left?
A:  Such alarmist rumors are not true. Though debates over what is "canon" can indeed be lively, they can also be divisive among fans.

Since most detail-oriented science fiction fans express the need for a thorough frame of reference, our current approach is that the Robotech television series itself constitutes core continuity and all subsequent material (including the Sentinels) represents secondary continuity. All future works are built upon the core continuity presented by the original series, which can also be supplemented by material from secondary sources where it supports the storyline of the television episodes. Where conflicts arise, congruity with events of the television episodes is favored. This is similar to the approach used by other licensed science-fiction universes, such as Star Wars.

Q: Why bother with defining the universe now? So what's the final word on Robotech's continuity?
A:  The need for such oversight arose from the lack of new animated episodes to provide guidance for overall continuity during the 90's. Nevertheless, talented individuals created a number of excellent stories that were enjoyed by fans. Characters and other elements from those storylines could certainly appear again in new works. However, there were also a lot of story elements that were not consistent with the events or the spirit of the original Robotech series. Because so much Robotech material (in the hundreds) has been published over the years, it's not practical for us to provide line-item evaluations of all these products. However, we do research relevant material when new projects are underway.

Errors occasionally can (and do) occur under rapid production schedules, and some of these discrepancies can be found in the television episodes themselves - though these are usually minor. Such errors are corrected wherever possible in future published works with overall continuity with the television episodes remaining the final word.

Q: What about the Sentinels? I enjoyed many of those printed stories for years!
A:  The broad strokes of the Robotech Expedition have not changed in that the Pioneer mission still departed before the arrival of the Masters and that Admiral Hunter still mysteriously disappeared when the expedition returned to face the Invid. The minutiae of what was published in print, especially towards the end of the Sentinels novels, may end up being "retconned" or revised with the new animated sequel. However, as this story moves forward from the last episode of Robotech (and thus, the end of the Sentinels), we expect little or no overlap with the Sentinels plotline anyway.

As stated above, in cases where details of the Sentinels storyline conflicts with continuity of the original Robotech series, the 85 television episodes remain the final word.

Q: What's the deal with the murky low-res cover art for Robotech: The Movie?
A:  The animated feature Robotech: The Untold Story was rushed to market in 1986 through a limited release from the now-defunct Cannon Films. Producer Carl Macek was unsatisfied with the end result and fans had also noted its inconsistency with the Robotech universe. The license behind the joint venture in the creation of this movie has since expired. About a third of this project comprises Southern Cross footage that has been salvaged for inclusion with The Complete DVD Collection from A+E Home Video.

Q: Hey, I think I spotted a gap in the bibliography! What can I do to help?
A:  The main bibliography page has been simplified for organizational legibility. However, if you think you've spotted a gap in one of the individual sections, first check the entire bibliography to make sure the book you're looking for may not have been listed in another section. If you're convinced you have something we don't, please send us an e-mail detailing the title, description, date of publication, publisher and ISBN number (if any) along with a modest JPEG scan (up to 640x640 will do nicely) to - thanks!

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