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Infopedia » Encyclopedia Robotech » F » Flower of Life
Encyclopedia Robotech

Flower of Life
A versatile plant that is sought after by many alien races
The Flower of Life's blossoms grow in threes
Flowers of Life growing within the SDF-1's ruins
The spores of the Flower of Life act as an irritant

The Flower of Life is a plant which produces the seeds which blossom and create Protoculture. When grown, The Flower of Life is comprised of a mass of very thin green vines, some of which are capped by pink flowers. The plant, or a combination of plants, group into stalks which ascend at least 2 or 3 meters. The flowers expel spores, which resemble a golden dust, that cause dizziness when inhaled by humans. At the conclusion of the Second Robotech War, the spores were accidentally released from the burial mound of the SDF-1 at Reflex Point, causing the Earth to become a fertile garden awaiting cultivation by the Invid.

The Flower of Life reacts to external stimuli very actively, in a manner that suggests awareness of its surroundings. Attempts to touch the Flower of Life will incite various defense mechanisms, such as pushing the approaching person away with its vines, whipping the person's hand with its vines, or retracting its flowers away from the person.

There was also a song about the plant titled "The Flower of Life," which sung my Musica of the Robotech Masters.



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