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Macross Saga » Episode Guides » Reconstruction Blues
Reconstruction Blues
  Episode Number:  « 28 »
  Primary Series: Macross Saga
  Characters:Rick Hunter
Lisa Hayes
Lynn Minmei
Lynn Kyle
Rick is surprised to see flowers growing in the desolation
Only a handful of survivors remains scattered across the planet two years after the final confrontation. The destruction has been overwhelming, leaving only vast, pockmarked desolation where great cities and beautiful forests once stood. The remaining Veritech fighter pilots routinely patrol the deserts to investigate anything out of the ordinary. As Rick Hunter flies over the remains of old warships, he notices that life begins again. Flowers are growing in the ruins.

In spite of the horror that follows such devastation, the spirit of man prevails. A new city has risen over the remains of the SDF-1. Where there had been only chaos, survivors have somehow managed to rebuild. The battered hulk looks silently over peaceful homes, schools, libraries, and parks. There is even a new rapid transit system linking the city with the suburbs.

During this period, Rick Hunter and Lisa Hayes become close friends while cousins Minmei and Kyle drift apart.

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