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Infopedia » Episode Guides » Macross Saga » Khyron's Revenge
Khyron's Revenge
  Episode Number:  « 31 »
  Primary Series: Macross Saga
  Characters:Rick Hunter
Lynn Minmei
Lynn Kyle
Admr Gloval
Admiral Gloval and Claudia show up for a special meeting
Rick supervises the relocation of a protoculture chamber
Khyron leads an attack to steal the protoculture chamber
Khyron celebrates his victory with Azonia
Malcontent Zentraedi line up to become giants again
Commander Hunter attempts to deploy a small squadron to guard the last protoculture chamber used for altering size of the Zentraedi. He encounters unexpected resistance from civilians led by Lynn Kyle. To prevent a riot, Hunter leaves.

The protoculture chamber is placed by its civilian owners inside New Detroit City. Khyron quickly discovers the new location. On the eve of a major concert by Lynn Minmei, the warlord attacks, hoping to regain this vital piece of Robotechnology.

In the SDF-1 Conference Center, Admiral Gloval and crew compare notes with Exedore over the history of the Zentraedi race. Their studies indicate that the Robotech Masters discovered and developed protoculture over 500,000 years ago. Proud of its advanced and powerful civilization, the Robotech Masters decide to develop an intergalactic police force that would protect them from hostile aliens life forms. A race of giants was created by proto-genetic engineering. Intended as peacekeepers, the giants developed ideas of their own. Their warlike natures caused them to begin fighting among themselves and, eventually, they discovered that their superior physiques could make them the masters of anything smaller than themselves. Gloval theorizes that if the giants had been programmed with emotions such as love, trust, and empathy, the fighting and destruction might have not taken place. The Robotech Empire collapsed, caught in the crossfire of the fighting giants – giants who evolved into Zentraedi.

In New Detroit, the civilians are not able to withstand Khyron’s attack. The warlord takes the protoculture chamber to his ship. Lines of Zentraedi wishing to be converted back into giant warriors they once were grow longer and longer. Khyron rejoices at the sight of his increasing army.

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