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Macross Saga » Episode Guides » Lonely Soldier Boy
Lonely Soldier Boy
  Episode Number:  « 63 »
  Primary Series: New Generation
  Characters:Scott Bernard
Annie LaBelle
The trio make their way to another half-dead town. There seem to be more people, but they’re not much friendlier. Still, they are attempting to recapture some of the pleasures they knew before the invasion by hosting a rock concert in one of the less run-down bars. The performer is a popular singing star named Yellow Dancer who has modeled her career after the legendary Lynn Minmei.

Scott, Rand, and Annie enjoy the music. They appreciate any sign of real civilization, especially after their long trek through the war-torn countryside. The fun is over too soon when the ugly side of humanity rears its head in the form of a drunken thug who attacks the beautiful singer in the middle of her performance.
Playing along with the brute, Yellow tries to regain order.

Obviously, she can hold her own stage and in a fight. Still, she’s just one person and things get out of hand when the drunk is joined by his friends. Before Rand and Scott can intervene, a quick-tempered blonde woman appears to put Yellow’s assailants in their place. Scott recognizes her as the cyclone rider who helped them when the Invid attacked at the island.

Rand can’t just stand by. He has to lend the newcomer a hand. She does not appreciate it, but to Rand’s delight, Yellow Dancer seems grateful. He is thrilled to meet his favorite singing star. Yellow seems as charming in person as Rand had always imagined she’d be.

While Rand admires Yellow, Scott has a word with the singer’s manager. It seems there’s no way to combat the thugs who broke up the concert. They are in charge of the town by force of numbers and mean-hearted brutality. The alien victory has brought out the worst in a lot of people. Humans suffer at the hands of their own kind as well as by the Invid slavers. Surrounded by the results of defeat, Scott suspects it’s no wonder that people have lost the heart to fight back.

After another demonstration of cruelty, Scott, Rand, and Annie improvise a posse to counteract the gang’s hold on the town. They are joined by the young woman they met at the bar, who introduced herself as Rook Bartley, and a muscle-bound combat veteran named Lunk.

In the lawless time, the old adage "might makes right" is the unwritten law of the land. There are no police, no courts of law. Justice is obtained by a clenched fist or at the end of a gun. As Scott Bernard leads his new comrades into battle, he is aware that it’s not a simple skirmish against a band of well-armed toughs, but the first blow against the wall of anarchy that threatens to engulf Earth.

Although they’ve never fought as a team before, the five work together and defeat the gang as if they’d known each other for years. The town is heartened by this turn of events. Lunk and Rook decide to join the search for Reflex Point – at least for the time being. Yellow Dancer wants to come along, too.

Scott is against it. "Don’t be ridiculous. This is no job for a cocktail lounge chorus girl."

Yellow is amused. "There’s a whole lot more to me than meets the eye."

True enough. Beneath the slinky clothes and lavish makeup, the "she" is a "he". Yellow Dancer turns out to be the alternate identity of a male resistance fighter named Lancer.

Rand breaks down in tears. The girl of his dreams is no more. Scott accepts the revelation with more enthusiasm. He has three new recruits in the war against the Invid.

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