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Macross Saga » Episode Guides » The Big Apple
The Big Apple
  Episode Number:  « 82 »
  Primary Series: New Generation
  Characters:Scott Bernard
Rook Bartley
Annie Labelle
The action comes to New York City
The Invid and the humans have been coexisting in the city uneasily
Rand and Annie are about to be discovered
A cat distracts the Invid Guard
Lancer meets his old friend, Simon
Sera argues against the extermination of the human inhabitants
However, her brother Corg leads an assault on the humans in the city
Marlene hears the Invid extermination orders
Scott sees the massacre beginning
Confronted by Sera, Marlene refuses to acknowledge her origins
After several defeats, the Invid have resumed their search for the freedom fighters. Guessing that the rebels must be nearly out of protoculture energy cells, the aliens deploy an elaborate surveillance network designed to capture the elusive humans.

In the once-proud city of New York, Lancer leads Rand and Annie in a search for fuel. He is obviously in familiar territory. His expertise leads them to a building where the Invid store protoculture.

Rand canít believe their good fortune. "Thereís enough here to carry a whole army to Reflex Point!"

"Provided, of course, that we can get it without being spotted," Lancer warns.

"Hah! Donít worry about a thing. Protoculture Express at your service. We deliver overnight or your money back, right?"

"Right!" Annie chimes in. "In fact, if we donít make good, we pay you!"
Lancer sighs, unhappy. "GeeÖI remembered what a beautiful place this building was. This is Carnegie Hall, the greatest concert hall in the world. It was everybodyís dream to play here. It was my dream, too, even though I never got a chance. I suppose those days are gone forever, now that the Invid have turned everything upside down. But what a thrill it would have been to appear here. I can almost imagine itÖ.I wonít let the Invid destroy my dreams! Somehow, someday I am going to play this hall!"

"Awww, come on," Rand urges. "Letís get out of here. Letís grab as much stuff as we can and take off before we get caught, okay?"

The singer agrees. For the moment, he has no choice. Dreams are put away as the trio scoop up as much of the precious fuel cells they can carry. In her enthusiasm, Annie takes too much and drops one of the canisters Ė loudly Ė on the cement floor. A guard peers about anxiously. Lancer, Rand, and Annie stay low, but finally the sound of a mewing cat distracts the guard at last. He blames the noise on the animal and walks away.

The cat turns out to be a young boy. He leads the others to safety of another building. Inside, an old friend of Lancerís, Simon, is holding a rehearsal for a stage production. the two men are pleased to see each other. Lancer is surprised to learn the Invid are allowing musical performances in the city. "Well, they havenít tried to stop us yet," Simon tells him. "I guess they figure this keeps the slaves happy and out of their hair. Anyway Ė you know what they say. The show must go on!"

In an Invid hive atop the tallest building in the city, two very different people are involved in conversation. Sera and Corg are arguing.

"You must stop this indiscriminate destruction," Sera commands. "We have not completed our observation of these life forms. You seem to forget our instructions Ė to study their behavior patterns and learn from them."

"Sera, I must protest your lenience in dealing with the humans. Our experiments have been completed. Itís time to exterminate them."

"Do not challenge my authority. The Regess has placed me in charge."

"For the moment." Corg is smug. "Youíve known all along that we planned to save only a small percentage of the humans to use as workers on our protoculture farms. The rest have been scheduled for extermination. Itís obvious you have no stomach for destruction, and, orders or not, I intend to begin that process immediately."

The Invid prince takes off to do just that despite Seraís protests. The princess is miserable. "Maybe heís right. I donít know if I have the determination to carry out this task. I still donít understand what prevents me from destroying the human rebelsÖ.Itís more important than ever that I speak with Ariel. I must try to find her."

Corg wastes no time. He assembles his shock troopers and begins a murderous assault on the civilian population. His orders are simple: "Spare no one!"

Alien mecha fill the sky. The inhabitants of the occupied city panic and try to escape as the Invid fire on them. Scott, Lunk, Rook, and Marlene observe the riot. Lancer and Simon watch the old theater go up in flames but manage to move the performers into the safety of the subway tunnels. When Scott and the others catch up with Lancer, Rand, and Annie, the lieutenant shares an idea with the singer: "The people need something to inspire them to fight back against the Invid. The best way I know to do that is to put on a show. Can you do that?"

Lancer agrees and, with Simonís performers as backup, brings comfort out of chaos to the frightened survivors while the resistance fighters wage their own battle against Corgís troops.

While this is going on, Sera finds Marlene. "I donít believe what Iím hearing," Marlene says. "I am not an Invid!"

Sera is puzzled by her sisterís reaction. "You were placed among the people of earth to learn their plans and report back to our hive. As of this date, Regess is still waiting for your first report. Do you expect me to believe you have forgotten who you are and why youíre here?"

"No Ė youíre lying. You must be."

Sera takes off as the battle comes uncomfortably close, promising to return. Marlene is left to wonder over this new mystery. She despairs that she could be one of the evil Invid.

The freedom fighters develop a new strategy. Instead of fighting individual shock troopers, they turn their attack on the giant hive itself. They storm the tower with incredible force. When the Invid realize what is happening, they return to the unguarded hive. The aliens are wiped out in the subsequent explosion. Corg rages. He has been vanquished by a handful of renegade humans again.

Afterwards, when the Robotech rebels regroup and check their coordinates, they find they are but a few hours away from Reflex Point. The end of their journey is approaching fast.

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