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FAQ - Most Frequently Asked

Q: Why were these three shows combined to make Robotech?

  - Anonymous
A: MACROSS was initially brought to the United States for a direct-to-video release in the fall of 1984. The first videotape (featuring a direct translation of the first three episodes) was produced before the decision was made to market the show for television. Back in 1985, when Robotech was first broadcast, there was a minimum 65-episode requirement for daily strip syndication. To fill in the necessary episode requirement, SOUTHERN CROSS (23 episodes) and MOSPEADA (25 episodes), were combined with Macross to make up the 85-episodes of Robotech. An additional episode, #37 – "Dana’s Story" was created specifically for the Robotech series as a bridge between The Macross Saga and Robotech Masters chapters. Using footage culled from several Macross and Southern Cross episodes, "Dana’s Story" introduced Dana Sterling as the daughter of Max and Miriya Sterling. The rest is history.

  - Tom Bateman

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