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An Introduction to ROBOTECH

Robotech Games are here!

ROBOTECH exploded onto the next-generation gaming arena with Robotech: Battlecry for Playstation2, Xbox, and GameCube, Robotech: The Macross Saga for GameBoy Advance, and now ... Robotech: Invasion with multiplayer support through Playstation Online and Xbox Live!

Need help with gameplay strategy? Get live feedback from the Robotech community in the Robotech Gaming Forum!

Robotech: Invasion
for PS2 & Xbox

Multiplayer mecha action comes alive as you spearhead the Robotech expedition to liberate the Earth from alien domination! Take on the Invid alone or battle other players online!

Robotech: The
Collectible Card Game

Robotech comes to collectible card gaming from Hero Factory! Starter decks are now available with CCG expansion packs covering all three of the original Robotech sagas.

Role-playing Games

The Robotech RPG marks its triumphant return to pioneering publisher Palladium Books, starting with The Shadow Chronicles role-playing game this Christmas!

Robotech games are available at specialty retailers as well as
the Robotech Games section of the Store!

Download Robotech games directly to your mobile phone!

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