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News » News Articles » Macross DVD splitscreen images!
News ArticlesApril 27, 2001
Macross DVD splitscreen images!
Check out AnimEigo's restoration work on the Japanese Macross DVD's!
Author: Steve Yun

Hey, it's not all about Robotech here at!

If you weren't aware already, AnimEigo will be releasing the original 36-episode Japanese Macross series onto DVD. Because the footage for Macross has aged over the years, AnimEigo went out of their way to restore and enhance the footage, digitally removing scratches, beefing up the color, correcting hues, sharpening lines and increasing contrast. is proud to present the first split-screen images that show the old and new Macross footage side-by-side. To view the images, head right on over to the Robotech Image Gallery, where you'll be treated to several screen captures of the improved Macross footage.

The 36-episode Macross DVD box set is expected to hit the streets later this summer. You can join the preorder interest list in the Robotech Store and enjoy the special preorder price of $250, a $110 savings off of the final retail price of $360. This special discount price is only available to fans who sign up early. Please note that this DVD box set is for the original Japanese Macross series.

You can visit AnimEigo's Macross page for more information on their restoration efforts.


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