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News » News Articles » Free Episode of Gatchaman OVA!
News ArticlesDecember 28, 2005
Free Episode of Gatchaman OVA!
Merry Belated Christmas from Harmony Gold! We're making an entire episode of the Gatchaman OVA available online to you for free, playable on iTunes or a Video iPod!
Author: Steve Yun

Merry belated Christmas everyone! We here at Harmony Gold are making an entire episode of the Gatchaman OVA available for download, completely free of charge!

The free episode we're serving up is the first episode of the three-episode Gatchaman miniseries. The episode can be played in iTunes or can be uploaded into your Video iPod where you can watch it on the go. The entire episode is 48 minutes and weighs in at about 218 MB, so it's kind of a hefty download unless you have high speed internet.

Why are we doing this? We're experimenting with different kinds of content delivery. If you have iTunes or you have a Video iPod and download this, feel free to give us some feedback on the Forums (free membership required)

(Note for parents: contains mild animated violence and brief nudity)

Click here to watch a preview trailer of Gatchaman

Click here to download the free Gatchaman episode

Click here to get the complete Gatchaman miniseries on DVD

Click here to download iTunes software if you don't have a Video iPod!

Happy holidays!


The Gatchaman episode is playable on the new Video iPod or iTunes software for your Mac or PC.

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